Tuesday, October 02, 2007

We're Going on A Bear Hunt!

We're going on a bear hunt. We're going to catch a big one! What a beautiful day. We're not scared!

Ever since my little sisters were infants, this book has been one of my favorites. Now Caiden and I read it often. Last night it went something like this:

We're going on a beat hunt. We're going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day! We're not scared. Oh oh- THAT REALLY IS A BEAR!!!! And there he was- a 200 lb. black bear ambling across our backyard! All of a sudden, as if he heard my exclamation, he broke into a run- he must have been scared too. Oh wait.. DID I say I wasn't scared? Oh, I was just READING the book, after all!

Well, tonight, our bear came back. He must have enjoyed storytime! He also must come from a family that enjoys a snack with his story because he visited our neighbor's trash cans and our lettuce patch beforehand. Maybe if we switch books for a more benign story....and I think we'll scratch "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" off the list! =)