Friday, August 03, 2007

Tips for "going green"

Okay, so I shared with you my new passion- wise use of our resources, conservation, basically a new perspective on "walking in love". You might want to print this for the fridge. I borrowed this list from another blog: NatureMoms blog who had a guest blogger by the name of Abel Cheng.

1. Use rechargeable batteries wherever possible. Rechargeable batteries will reduce the need to dispose of batteries which contain toxic chemicals.
2. Use reusable utensils not disposable. Bring your own container next time when you order take away food. Decline any plastic forks and spoons.
3. Do full loads of laundry. Don’t start the washing machine until it’s full of dirty laundry.
4. Buy organic foods. Free of pesticides and chemical-based fertilizers. In case you ask, organics are affordable.
5. Use rainwater for plants. Collect rainwater and use it to water your plants. No wastage on treated water.
6. Do not to open the fridge for too long. Decide what you want before opening the fridge. It takes more energy to bring down the temperature when the cool air leaks from the fridge.
7. Avoid dryer. Sun-dry your clothes whenever possible to conserve energy.
8. Plant a tree. Trees help reduce carbon dioxide and increase oxygen, which we breathe in.
9. Print on both sides of paper. This simple act reduces consumption by half.
10. Walk or cycle to work, go shopping or school. Leave the car in the garage. Good for environment and health.
11. Use energy-saving light bulbs. Don’t throw them in regular thrash. Dispose of them carefully as they contain dangerous mercury.
12. Send online greeting cards. Save trees and money.
13. Stop taking flyers handed out to you on the street if you don’t read them. It’s better not to waste the flyers than pleasing the person distributing the flyers.
14. Ask for a cone instead of a paper cup when you buy ice cream. Why not? You can eat the cone instead of throwing it away.
15. Turn the tap off. When you’re taking a shower, and if you’re soaping or shaving, stop the water. This adds up to a lot in the long run.
16. Buy in bulk. Stop buying things packaged in single use. Buy in bulk to cut down on packaging waste and shopping trips.
17. Recycle old books and magazines. Pass them around to your friends. Donate to libraries or charitable organizations.
18. Wash your car on the lawn. Not only do you prevent car shampoo from getting into your waterways, you water the lawn at the same time.
19. Easy defrosting. Do not use running water to thaw frozen foods. Defrost food overnight in the fridge or by taking it out a few hours before cooking.
20. Turn off the computer when not in use. Don’t let the PC on or connected the whole day. Computers don’t consume much energy but think about it, you’re only one of the million computer users. That really adds up if everyone saves a little.
21. Use a handkerchief instead of packets of tissues. You save trees as well as money. 22. Get educated. You can learn more about environment online. One such place to go is
23. Pay bills online. Or shop online. You avoid car trips. Save time and gasoline.
24. Take shower instead of using the bathtub to save water.
25. Unplug your cell phone as soon as it’s fully charged.
26. Use climate-friendly electrical appliances. An energy-efficient refrigerator can save half a ton of carbon dioxide a year compared with an older model.
27. Light up right. Use natural daylight wherever possible. Switch off lights when you leave a room.
28. Be a green shopper. Consider buying products that can be recycled or reused.
29. Compost kitchen waste. Instead of dumping fruit and vegetable peelings, decompose them naturally to make fertilizer. More info at

Jeff comes home from the Soul in the City Tallahassee mission trip tomorrow! Yeah! I'm so glad-I'm exhausted from playing single parent this week!


Mrs said...

It's nice to know I do a lot of that already, but much of it isn't practical. I used a clothesline in the desert and things would dry within an hour. HERE? Nothing dries! LOL

I'm also the head light-turner-offer in the house.

I've also been pondering something you wrote in your previous post.

Did Jesus come to redeem and restore the world, or the PEOPLE? Isn't this world going to end and another begin (new heaven and new earth)?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for stewardship and leaving this place better for the next generation. I just think Jesus came for people over planet.

Shannon said...

Yeah, I know what you mean...we're lucky because of the way that our backyard is set up (there's a creek, then an hill sloping upward) there's always a breeze.

As for the other question, I think this is how I see it: Jesus was a big one for ministering to the whole person. I.e. feeding them physically and spiritually. Today many missionaries use the same idea. (give them clean water & share Jesus, give them a sustainable crop & share Jesus) I think that ignoring the problems that the planet has, puts those in other countries in places of undo suffering. They will suffer the consequences before we will. They may even die unnecessarily. They have enough issues to deal with (disease, poverty, etc) without adding environmental problems to the mix. (Environmental problems= poorer health, less clean water, or too much water, less crops, less money, and less babies growing up healthy.) Living a life of love (mindful of the environment and the results of our excess consumption of energy) means that we help protect these people. And maybe they are just healthy enough to be able to hear of the Gospel someday. I can't serve in every country myself, but I can love them and serve them in the way I live here. Plus, living this way saves money which can be given to those who can go. Added bonus, I won't be such a hypocrite to those here in the states who don't know Jesus. ("You say you love people, then how do you justify doing x,y,z??") I don't know, just my perspective...=) =)

Allie said...


I agree with you, and I have thought about the question (about Jesus coming for people). Another thought is that He told us to tend to the earth. It's such a beautiful place, how can we help but want to keep it that way. If your friend gave you a painting she had made, you would show respect for her if you treated it nicely (didn't spill food on it or let Caiden eat it:). And we don't know when He's coming back. It could be a long time from now and we need to keep things going until then! Just some random thoughts.

I ordered that book you mentioned (Serve God, Save the Planet) and I can't wait for it to get here! That and some other books I ordered about baby sleep.... :) See you tomorrow!

Mrs said...

Great perspectives, and I agree totally. I was just stumped on the "Jesus came to redeem the world, restore it. . . ." since I know this world will pass. I totally agree on stewardship and serving others through careful consumption. The point being PEOPLE through the planet, not the planet itself.