Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"These are a few of my favorite things...

Ahh, the Sound of Music- yes, it's a musical, but it's also taking place in our home these days. Caiden has mastered some new tricks, and I wanted to share. My favorite one is listening to her sing. She will use her voice to go up and down if there is music playing. It's the sweetest thing to hear coming from the back seat.
(notice neck roll? =)

The funniest thing are her new dance moves =) Any time any music comes on, in the car, on the TV (she's not watching it, don't worry!), church, anywhere, she starts the head bob. The head bob is a pretty smooth move and if you're really sly, your whole body moves and sways along with it. She's the master! It's the cutest thing!

Then comes the tongue click. This is her newest accomplishment, and one for which she is quite proud. She sits up taller, grins smartly and looks at you like, "bet you can't do that!" But when you do mangage an approximation, she gets whole-body-excited and rewards you with a smile that says, "Mom, you're so cool!" =) Okay, maybe I'm just hoping that's what she means. ;)
Sorry about the sideways picture, I couldn't get it to turn, and I couldn't delete it without changing the whole thing. =(


Mrs said...

Definitely the best stage ever. . . sitting up, but not mobile! Look at her perfect posture!

I agree with Caiden though;Mom, you're so cool!

Following Forward said...

your little girl is getting big fast! she is beautiful!!!


Hi Shannon,

Just discovered your website - you're a girl after my heart! I knew that already though :-)