Wednesday, July 18, 2007


"It looks like fun, I want to think it's fun, Mommy thinks it's fun, but I'm just..not...quite..sure." That's my interpretation of Caiden's face in this picture. =) Last week she went for her first swim in Grandma and Papa's pool. She was slow to make up her mind about the whole experience, but before too long, she was smiling and kicking and splashing like a pro. Because we had such success in the pool, we decided to try the beach. We were meeting friends in Melbourne beach anyway, but I thought we would actually try the ocean. I was a little nervous because it was incredibly hot that day, but hoping that it would make the ocean more enjoyable for her. Wrong! Caiden was NOT impressed. She was very hot, and very frightened of the loud waves. Daddy was the only one who could make her feel safe. I think he didn't mind too much. =) So, before she got really miserable, we left to hang out at their pool. That was much more to her liking, and she charmed everyone by sweetly squealing with delight. =)

New this week: sweet potatoes! She didn't care for them in the beginning, but by the end of the week, she was loving them! This week we pulled out the booster seat that the Priest family gave us. It sits on a regular chair, but is just her size. She enjoyed sitting with me at the table like a big girl while I ate my lunch yesterday. Too cute!

On the diaper front: on Friday we're meeting with a woman who runs a home based diaper business/ website nearby. She gave me a "virtual consultation" via her website and recommended a few diapers. So, on Friday I will meet with her a get to look, feel and try on a few different brands and see which ones we want to go with. I'm really excited! If anyone is interested, her website is Until next week...

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Mrs said...

Kelly HATED the beach the first time I took her. Same thing; the sound of the waves scared her. She also did NOT like stepping onto the sand. I put her on a blanket and she'd never leave! (Unlike now, where I need to nail her feet to the floor.)

She's getting so big, Shannon! I can't wait to hear how the diaper business works out. I loved it when we had a diaper service.