Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Six months and getting better everyday!

How is it possible that my little girl is over a half a year old?? We had her six month old check up today (I'm really wondering why I go and pay someone to tell me things I already know...) and we found out that she is 16 lbs and 9 oz, 26 inches long. Yeah for breastfeeding! =)

This past week has been full of firsts again. She is sitting very well now, so we went ahead and began solids. We just started with bananas and breast milk because that's what we had on hand, and then added rice cereal yesterday. I made our rice cereal from scratch, and I found $1 (star-shaped!) ice cube trays so I could freeze it in "meal sized" portions. I've decided that Mondays will be my baby food days, cooking, pureeing, and freezing.

I wish you could see Caiden eat. When the spoon comes out, she becomes a different child. Gone is our content, laid back, sociable baby- in her place is a wide eyed, intense, leg kicking, arm waving baby grunting with impatience in between bites, her face covered in whatever is being spooned into her mouth. (She's still learning how to be efficient in the swallowing department and only ingests about 1/2 of each spoonful.) It just makes me giggle. But, because of her vocalizations, we've begun signing in full force. Before each bite I sign to her "more please", and take her hands and help her sign. Then I shovel it in as fast as I can so that she can make the correlation. =) I sign TO her all the time, but this is the first time I'm requiring it from her. =)

She is "kissing" now, whispering (sticking her tongue between her gums and blowing), sitting alone, and babbling to herself in her car seat, or pretty much any time she's alone. Her favorite game is the "drop it" game. She will take a toy and drop it outside of the laundry basket "playpen" and look up at you like- whatcha gonna do? When you hand it back to her she smiles delightedly. Today she had her first swim at Grandma and Papa's which she thoroughly enjoyed. She continues to be incredibly curious, sociable, observant, and smiley. She's just getting better everyday! We are so blessed.

I am also excited that Jeff is back home after 10 days in Honduras. That was the longest stretch we've been apart in our marriage, and we survived, but we're glad it's over! He had a wonderful trip and was able to finish the tasks that they began while they were there. (Some of which include youth events every night, painting the exterior of several churches, masonry, concrete laying, and other construction on those churches as well.) He came home wishing he could adopt a little girl named Marjorie who was precious. (There was a little boy in Haiti that he fell in love with too- Daniel) I keep thinking that one of these days he's not going to be able to resist, and he's going to come home with an addition to our family. =)

My latest task is back to researching cloth diapers. We had to buy diapers for the first time last week. (hey- six months on gifts isn't half bad!) I'm just trying to see if this is really cost and time effective- also if we'll avoid leaks more than we do now. (Leaks are a common occurance for us as Caiden has b.m.'s every few days and when she does, she explodes! ) =( Well, that's all for today.


Allie said...

Adorable pictures! I'd love to get together with you sometime soon - call me if you have some down time! And I highly recommend FuzziBunz diapers. We're using them with Iain still (have been for 6-7 months now) and they're great. Expensive at fisrt, unless you buy used on Ebay, but they'll soon pay for themselves. We got ours as a Christmas present! Very easy to use. Jeremy thinks they're easier than disposables - he much prefers them. Anyway, my two cents. :)

Mrs said...

Q. How many aunties does it take to get a picture of Caiden?

A. All of them, of course!

Kudos on the baby food!

Have you checked into a diaper service? I think they cost as much as disposables. Of course, laundering your own is probably cheaper, but Himself hated it. How I miss those days of stacks and stacks of cloth diapers all over the couch . . . .

LindzML said...

You have the happiest, most beautiful baby girl I've ever seen! I was thinking about Daniel just the other day, one of my sorority sisters went to Haiti, and called me, gushing about the experience. It took me back to when Jeff wanted him so much! I hope everything's going well for you all; e-mail me if you ever have the opportunity!!

Love You Three!!
Lindsay Loe

Phyllis said...

I agree: skip the well-baby appointments! At least the doctor is telling you what you already know and not nonsense, though. :-)

And as I've said before, cloth diapers contain leaks much better than disposables.

I love the pictures and stories. And today I get to comment, because I have the computer set up at the church apartment, and it's taking forever for the email to download. :-)