Thursday, July 26, 2007


A moment of silence please... For what you ask? For the many disposable diapers who valiantly attempted their duty, utterly failed and lost their lives in the process. They gave it their all. I'm sorry to say it was not enough. I am however thrilled to report that we've recruited a new kind of diaper and following their first day of active duty, I am proud to say that they have not let me down. In fact, this is the first day in many moons that we have not had a leak of ANY kind. (You were right Phyllis!) Plus, they are super cute, easy, and I actually feel good about putting them on my child. =) Not to mention that the landfills in our area have reported a 75% decrease in their clientele. (Okay, not really.)

Speaking of landfills, they have become of great interest to me as of late. Well, not exactly landfills, but what we're placing IN them. In fact, I think you could say that this is my new passion: going green. Atleast that's the new "trendy name" for simplifying, saving money, doing what is best for the environment, saving energy, fulfilling my moral obligation and my responsibilty to walk in love, etc. I have made it my new hobby to continually think up new ways to do this. So far we have changed all of the light bulbs in our house to compact fluorescents, we never use paper plates or plastic water bottles (never have), we've started a compost pile, and will replant our garden in Aug. We are keeping the A/C at 82, we've disconnected the ice maker, put up a clothes line, used cloth diapers for Caiden, we try to carpool everywhere we can. We hand wash dishes and recycle everything. We're not going to buy more cleaning supplies when we run out- instead we'll use vinegar, baking soda, and alcohol for various cleaning agents (NOT together of course!)

I'm not trying to make this a list of "look what I've done" but to share ideas. It's not really that much more difficult. And when you think about it, the whole idea that Jesus came to redeem the world, to restore it, to use us as agent of change, - it makes sense when you consider how much of an impact one family can make. Plus, think about how the consumptive changes we make will effect those in other countries who really suffer from our excess. I really believe that this isn't just an environmental change, it's a one with spiritual ramifications. And let's not minimize the influence one family has on others who may make their own changes...It can be so beautiful if we work together! Who's in??!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


"It looks like fun, I want to think it's fun, Mommy thinks it's fun, but I'm just..not...quite..sure." That's my interpretation of Caiden's face in this picture. =) Last week she went for her first swim in Grandma and Papa's pool. She was slow to make up her mind about the whole experience, but before too long, she was smiling and kicking and splashing like a pro. Because we had such success in the pool, we decided to try the beach. We were meeting friends in Melbourne beach anyway, but I thought we would actually try the ocean. I was a little nervous because it was incredibly hot that day, but hoping that it would make the ocean more enjoyable for her. Wrong! Caiden was NOT impressed. She was very hot, and very frightened of the loud waves. Daddy was the only one who could make her feel safe. I think he didn't mind too much. =) So, before she got really miserable, we left to hang out at their pool. That was much more to her liking, and she charmed everyone by sweetly squealing with delight. =)

New this week: sweet potatoes! She didn't care for them in the beginning, but by the end of the week, she was loving them! This week we pulled out the booster seat that the Priest family gave us. It sits on a regular chair, but is just her size. She enjoyed sitting with me at the table like a big girl while I ate my lunch yesterday. Too cute!

On the diaper front: on Friday we're meeting with a woman who runs a home based diaper business/ website nearby. She gave me a "virtual consultation" via her website and recommended a few diapers. So, on Friday I will meet with her a get to look, feel and try on a few different brands and see which ones we want to go with. I'm really excited! If anyone is interested, her website is Until next week...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Six months and getting better everyday!

How is it possible that my little girl is over a half a year old?? We had her six month old check up today (I'm really wondering why I go and pay someone to tell me things I already know...) and we found out that she is 16 lbs and 9 oz, 26 inches long. Yeah for breastfeeding! =)

This past week has been full of firsts again. She is sitting very well now, so we went ahead and began solids. We just started with bananas and breast milk because that's what we had on hand, and then added rice cereal yesterday. I made our rice cereal from scratch, and I found $1 (star-shaped!) ice cube trays so I could freeze it in "meal sized" portions. I've decided that Mondays will be my baby food days, cooking, pureeing, and freezing.

I wish you could see Caiden eat. When the spoon comes out, she becomes a different child. Gone is our content, laid back, sociable baby- in her place is a wide eyed, intense, leg kicking, arm waving baby grunting with impatience in between bites, her face covered in whatever is being spooned into her mouth. (She's still learning how to be efficient in the swallowing department and only ingests about 1/2 of each spoonful.) It just makes me giggle. But, because of her vocalizations, we've begun signing in full force. Before each bite I sign to her "more please", and take her hands and help her sign. Then I shovel it in as fast as I can so that she can make the correlation. =) I sign TO her all the time, but this is the first time I'm requiring it from her. =)

She is "kissing" now, whispering (sticking her tongue between her gums and blowing), sitting alone, and babbling to herself in her car seat, or pretty much any time she's alone. Her favorite game is the "drop it" game. She will take a toy and drop it outside of the laundry basket "playpen" and look up at you like- whatcha gonna do? When you hand it back to her she smiles delightedly. Today she had her first swim at Grandma and Papa's which she thoroughly enjoyed. She continues to be incredibly curious, sociable, observant, and smiley. She's just getting better everyday! We are so blessed.

I am also excited that Jeff is back home after 10 days in Honduras. That was the longest stretch we've been apart in our marriage, and we survived, but we're glad it's over! He had a wonderful trip and was able to finish the tasks that they began while they were there. (Some of which include youth events every night, painting the exterior of several churches, masonry, concrete laying, and other construction on those churches as well.) He came home wishing he could adopt a little girl named Marjorie who was precious. (There was a little boy in Haiti that he fell in love with too- Daniel) I keep thinking that one of these days he's not going to be able to resist, and he's going to come home with an addition to our family. =)

My latest task is back to researching cloth diapers. We had to buy diapers for the first time last week. (hey- six months on gifts isn't half bad!) I'm just trying to see if this is really cost and time effective- also if we'll avoid leaks more than we do now. (Leaks are a common occurance for us as Caiden has b.m.'s every few days and when she does, she explodes! ) =( Well, that's all for today.