Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wow, it's been a while...sorry folks. We got home from camp last week and I've been consumed with cleaning my house and catching up on two weeks worth of dirty laundry. You know how it is! =)

Well, this was our first camp experience with Caiden. Last year at camp I was newly pregnant, very tired, and continually stuffing my face with fresh fruit to try and keep my tummy "on my side". This year, I was newly UNpregnant, a little tired, and trying to eat in between pulling Caiden's hands out of my food, or trying not to spill it on her as she slept in her sling.

We almost didn't go this year because Caiden was getting over her first sniffle and I was nervous about managing in a new and rustic environment by myself as Jeff was consumed by running camp. So, we decided to bring along my sister Kate. Best idea ever! =) It was great having an extra set of loving, willing and capable hands around to spell me. What a blessing!

Caiden adjusted beautifully to our traveling and to camp life. She was the center of attention all week long and the recipient of many compliments, including those that commented on her flexibility, her laid back and happy nature, and of course, her cuteness. (Is that even a word?) Of course if I was carried around all day by my momma, and fed on command, and kept happy and entertained by an assortment of interesting people, I would be pretty happy too. =) But really, she did very well traveling and otherwise- much better than I was anticipating. The only change in her behavior was that she awoke once a night (most nights) to eat. That was a very small price to pay for uprooting her and changing her entire schedule. And I am happy to report, and now that she's back in her own home, she's sleeping through again!

While we were gone, I had a lot of time for she and I to spend together uninterrupted. I noticed
so much more about her, and got to cherish every little idiosyncrasy. She is growing so quickly! She just turned over by herself, but she won't do it on command. She loves sitting up supported, and is eager to go solo soon. She plays her own version of peek a boo by looking away, and then turning back quickly. She giggles now at vocal changes, and anticipates funny things before they happen. (you know, like "I'm gonna get you!") She loves sucking on her toes, and gets the hiccups every time she laughs. She prefers to be held facing the world around her. She is VERY social (go figure!). One of her favorite past times is talking up a storm and laughing when you respond. She also loves working on those leg muscles in her Jumeroo courtesy of G-ma McLaughlin.

I would love to write more, but it's baby bedtime, and she's letting me know she's about ready to end her daytime activies. More later!

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Mrs said...

Oohhh, Caiden . . . enjoy those rolls of fat while they're still cute!

I'm so glad your camp trip was such a blessed time for you and Caiden. It makes the sacrifice of being without Kate worthwhile! And of course it was a great decision to bring the best Kate EVER along. How I love that little gal.

I can SO relate to the laundry thing. I was completely caught up, then the kids brought theirs from upstairs. Sigh. We call it Mt. Neverrest. :-)