Monday, May 21, 2007

This is Caiden's first Easter picture. It was so cute, I just had to share! There is another picture of her surrounded by all of her aunts, Grandma and Great-Grandma (named Gigi for G.G) all taking pictures of her and oohing and aahing. It's pretty funny, and pretty scary. How we're going to keep this child from being spoiled rotten is a mystery to me. I'm calling down wisdom from heaven!
In the last week or so Caiden has found how delicious her toes are, and partakes as often as given the chance. She now pulls herself to sitting (and beyond!) when reclining in her baby bath. Gone are the lovely days of relaxing bath times. Now it's a tug of war and a tsunami zone between the kicks and toe eating and sit-ups. I'm sure given a few more weeks when she's sitting up better things will improve, but for now it's definitely an adventure. It wears her out before bedtime though!! =) Still no rolling over, but she's making headway. She makes it onto her side and teeters before deciding that she's not quite ready to go all the way. It's almost a game for her.
In the last three days she has also discovered her voice and is experimenting with voice inflections and intonations with great delight. She coos in a gentle soft almost whisper, then in a sing-song voice, and moves on to just squealing. Sometimes she scares herself with her squeals and then bursts into frightened screams. Part of me wants to laugh, and the other part has sympathy on her. So much change and so many new discoveries must be overwhelming at times.
In other news, please pray for my brother who is in surgery AGAIN. He had surgery a few weeks ago to take bone from his hip to place in his wrist to mend a break that happened when he was younger. However, he has the same problem as my dad where his body rejects the sutures used to close him up. He's been back in surgery several time to clean out his wound and hope that healing will happen from the inside out. Also, Beckah stepped on barbed wire in the creek in TN, and is overdue for a tetnus shot... Dad is in Tennessee, and Mom is here with Tim. Please pray!! Thanks!
Only one more day of school with the kiddos, two more at work. Praise Jesus!!


Mrs said...

Praying for your brother and sister! Glenna already knew about it somehow. I don't know how she does it! Anyway, the fun never stops for your family!

Laughed and laughed at the pictures you painted in your post. Toes are easiest to chew when the diaper's off, arent' they? ;-D How cute that she found her voice!

Phyllis said...

One last comment, before we move away from the world of phones and computers:
As always, I have to say that Caiden is incredibly cute!

You should get her into the big bath tub for "swimming." Somewhere Mom and Dad have a video of Jaan enjoying that.

She discovered her voice? If she follows in her aunts' footsteps, we should be expecting full sentences any day now. :-)

I knew about Tim, but not Beckah. Praying now!

Jan Zeiger said...

I just responded to your Green Guide comment. :) Love your blog.

Hey, I used to be a teacher here in Seminole County.. Email me privately. Would love to hear where you're teaching! I quit when David was 15 months old and never looked back!