Sunday, May 06, 2007

More cute photos

I 'm sorry this is blue and underlined, but I can't figure out why this is happening, and I've uploaded these pictures three times in an effort to fix it and I'm done. =) Here's a picture of my happy girl. =)
I wanted to record Caiden in this outfit because it's Jeff's favorite outfit on her and she's promptly outgrowing it. =( She now weighs in at 13lbs and 7 oz., 24 inches long.
This is where Caiden gets her blue eyes. We went to the Dr. this week and he said that her blue eyes are here to stay. Yeah!! Now if we can only figure out what color her hair is.... I'll write more when school is over. We only have 12 days left with the kids! =)


Allie said...

Too cute! Especially that first one! We're counting down the days until the end of school, too. Jeremy has 13 school days left. After that, summer! (Hey, are you recovered from your cold? Let's do something fun!)

Mrs said...

Shae, I clicked on the underlined words and Caiden's entire face filled my screen! Beautiful! You'll have to ask Phyllis what you clicked on to do that. She seems to be the expert on these blogs.

Her hair color looks a bit like her Aunt Kate's, don't you think? I hope so! Kate's hair is SO beautiful!

Phyllis said...

Definitely cute! I still say that she looks just like Allie (your sister, not the other Allie, of course), only now I think she has more chubby cheeks than I remember Allie did. :-)