Wednesday, April 25, 2007


So, as you know I am back at work until the end of the school year. Next year I have the opportunity to work part time at my school and I am jumping at it. However for the duration of this year, because I have a wonderful principal, he has allowed me to feed Caiden at school during my lunch break! Caiden's Grandmothers have been amazing and deliver her to me every day.

Monday is G-ma's day (Mom McLaughlin). She is amazing. She drives an hour each way to come watch Caiden at our house and in addition, she brings her to me at lunch time. I love the fact that Caiden gets that time with her to bond and benefit from all the wonderful things Mom has to offer. They have so much fun together playing, taking walks, reading books, and I'm sure so much more. When Caiden comes for lunch she is always dressed to the nines because G-ma picks out all of her cutest clothes. =) I praise God for our families and how incredibly supportive they are of us during this complicated season of our lives. It is such a blessing to be bringing Caiden up in the middle of such loving families! (Next time we'll get some pics of the other Grandma and Aunts delivering Caiden for lunch.)

Thursday, April 19, 2007


I'm still alive! Jeff and I both have been down for the count with nasty colds so life has gotten a little more complicated. I even missed two days of work.... but tomorrow we're off so I have a few days to rest and focus on getting healthy.

Praise God that Caiden is still healthy!! I've been wearing a mask when I feed her to eliminate excessive germs and she thinks that is just comical. In other new developments, she found her thumb this week. I am relieved that she's found a way to soothe herself because she hates her pacifier with a purple passion. =) She's still sleeping through the night- 9:30-6:30 which is a blessing I'm thankful for every day! She is really getting to be a lot of fun. She is intrigued by everything around her and if she's stuck looking at the same thing for too long, she'll kindly remind you that you're slacking on your job. =) She loves watching me sign to her, and she seems to be fascinated by reading books. She still enjoys our walks in the neighborhood and sitting outside. I often bring her out into the garage while Jeff is working out there or washing the car, and she is quite content to be in the midst of any activity. Every night I bring her into the kitchen and talk to her while I make dinner. The way I figure it, she'll be taking over for me in a few months. She is making strides at rolling over, making it to her side and teetering, but never really completing the rotation. I think the actually rolling part intimidates her.
I am loving being her Mom and miss every moment I have to be away from her. She's at such a fun age! Hopefully things will get a little easier in the next week or two as I get better, and I intend to be better at updates. Gotta run!