Friday, March 02, 2007


Caiden smiled at her first inanimate object today. =) The lucky benefactor was her turtle rattle that hangs on her carseat/stroller. We were on our afternoon walk and I was talking to her about all of the sounds we were experiencing: the wind in the trees, the birds calling to eachother, the squirrels scampering up and down the trees, the water trickling in the stream along the sidewalk, and suddenly she smiles the sweetest smile... the one where she smiles with her eyes and sticks her tongue out (similiar to the first blurry smile picture on this blog). And then I smiled. She was focued on something totally different than what I was trying to share with her, and I almost missed her appreciation of it in my attempt to get her to appreciate what I was focused on. As we walked I thought about how there was a lesson for me here. I'm sure there will be many times in our brief learning time together that I will have the opportunity to get to know my daughter, or instead barrel ahead with my own agenda. It was a reminder to appreciate her for who she is and what she likes. I will share my loves with her along the way, but hopefully I will be gentle in my approach realizing that she may, or may not, appreciate them in the way that I do. (we see so many child/parent conflicts stemming from situations like these in our interactions with teenagers!) Parents, in their rush to impart _________(fill in the blank) forget to delight in their children- for the individual God created them to be. I pray that God gives us grace and wisdom to not make that mistake. I'm sure we will make plenty others.

On a side note, Caiden weighed in today at two ounces short of eleven pounds! =) Next time I'll share about our adventure in NOT immunizing (yet, anyway).


Mrs said...

I love reading about the wisdom God is already giving you! With God's help, it will become easier to learn which battles you'll choose (lies, hitting, disrespect) and which battles you do NOT choose (blue hair, orange nail polish, flip-flops in winter).

Sounds like you're on the path of excellence to me!

Mrs said...

What joy to touch that sweet little head
What joy to know her Uncle will wed!

A tiny flower among admiring fans
Beautiful girl, daughter of I AM

How you bless us with smiles so pure
Walk only with God, you WILL endure

We who love you will watch and pray
As Mama and Papa show you the way

Mrs said...

Special prayers for you today, Shannon!