Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Smiling, sleeping and other fun things

Okay, so the picture is blurry, but it is the only picture of Caiden smiling that we have so far. Yesterday we had our first real smile fest complete with cooing. I was so excited!! Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera at home... But last night Jeff brought it home and we got some cute bath time pics. I'll post those next.

But, the real exciting news is...drumroll please! Caiden slept for six hours in a row!!!!!! She slept from 11:00 to 5:00am for the last two nights now. It's a miracle!!! Then I feed her until around 6:00am and then she sleeps again until 8:00. YAHOO!!! Praise be to God - this is the biggest blessing! =)

Yesterday was such a fun day. It was gloriously beautiful outside, (and I was rested which of course helps!) so we went on a long walk. When we came home, Caiden took a nap and when she awoke, we went back outside to sit in the grass, look at the sky and leaves blowing in the wind and to listen to the birds. That amused her so well, I decided to take advantage of the moment and weed my poor neglected garden. FYI- strawberries do really well inspite of neglect!

My newest project is making Caiden bows. So many people ask if she's a boy or girl, and I guess her name isn't very definitive so I've decided that bows are my best line of defense. =) As soon as I finish one, I'll show ya'll.


Mrs said...

Oh! What a wondeful thing . . . six hours of sleep! The world indeed would appear more beatiful!

The bow you made yesterday was pretty. I'm glad you're using that soft stretchy stuff to go around her head. Some infant bows are too tight and leave impressions on the baby's poor little head!

Looking forward to more pictures! Did you get to see any of the "101 Ways Caiden Smiles in her Sleep" session? :-D

Phyllis said...

So cute!!! May I hold her? :-)

Shannon said... I wish you could hold her!! What a happy day that would be!

Yes, Jeff doesn't like the gathered bows that make indentions in baby heads- he forbid me use them. =) I don't blame him!

I'll post one of the pics that the "paparazzi" captured at my house on Wed. It's cute.

Mrs said...

What a wonderful Pappa! Already looking out for Caiden's best interest! If I didn't think so highly of Jeff already, he'd be going up a notch in my book.