Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Daddy's Girl

I captured these pictures during Caiden and Daddy's morning time. Every morning before Jeff leaves for work, he spends a few quiet moments with Caiden. It is clear that she is Daddy's little girl. She is so quick to smile at him!

Yesterday morning after I fed her she was crying and Jeff said, "Let me try." Within seconds of passing her off, she was smiling. (I however was not. ) ;) But in all reality, I think it's adorable and am so glad that they have this sweet relationship already.

Today we are at my parents' house and we did get footage of Caiden smiling at me. It doesn't happen as often for me as for Jeff, but it does happen and I cherish each one!

Here are some cute ones with her new hat from Target. Amy Coe's designs are my new favorites. Someone gave me an outfit by Amy Coe and little knit shoes that match this hat, and a Target gift card was burning a hole in my pocket so of course I had to buy the hat. =) Yep, it's my first frivilous purchase for my little girl. Oh well, it could be worse- I could have had to PAY for it! =)

Well, off to take a nap. We had another rough night last night...who knows why!


Mrs said...

I love the hat! I want one! It's so beautiful!

Sometimes, the only thing that would make Kelly happy was to be belly down on her Daddy's lap, watching . . . FOOTBALL. We called it "The Daddy Spot." I would have dealt with a screaming infant for an hour, he comes home and plops her on the Daddy Spot and voila! Happy baby. [Grrr. . . ]

Those are great pictures, Shannon! Her face is changing so much. Have you compared her baby pictures to both yours and Jeff's?

Phyllis said...

I can't believe how much she looks like your younger sisters did! You should have named her Kaialbek, or something. :-)

By the way, from what I've read and expereinced, six to eight weeks seems to be the crisis point for unexplained fussiness and adjusting sleep patterns. Hang in there! (And remember that I think the fact that you've even had any five hour sleep nights so far is a miracle!)

Shannon said...

Yes, we've compared our baby pictures, but so far she looks most like her Aunt Allie. =) As far as features that we can identify, she seems to have Jeff's cowlicks, feet (she 2nd toe is taller than the first on one foot. =) She has my hair color, and features from my side of the family.

Mrs said...

Oh yes, definitely looks like Allie. I was going to say something, but I was trying to give Jeff's genes a chance! LOL