Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Well, at Caiden's one month check up we found out that she now weighs just over a whopping 8 pounds! =) That's more than a pound increase over her birth weight...and I thought I was just imagining that her cheeks were getting bigger! =)

We also went to church this Sunday for the first time. It was quite challenging. We had to slip out mid service because she was waking up (she does this very loudly with lots of grunts, snorts, stretches, and squeaks over a long period of time.) And instead of going to Sunday school, we had to scout out a place to feed her. When we were finished, everything was over and people had gone home. =( Oh well, we'll learn to coordinate better in the future. Oh, who am I kidding? When she's hungry, she's hungry, what can I say?!

Wednesday we'll go to youth group for the first time. I'm going to wear her in her sling though, so people can look, but not touch. =)

On the sleep front, she is still waking at 12:00, 3:00, and 5:00. At 5:00 she wakes up ready to be held and be up for the day. Most of the time I can get away with putting her in the swing and going back to sleep, but not today...but I'm not complaining. It could be worse.

That's all for now. =)


Mrs said...

Whopping is right! I will never cease to marvel at God's perfect design for women's bodies, to nurture and sustain life in and out of the womb. Scientists have done all they can to try to copy a mother's milk, but it's not possible!

Sling's a very good idea. I admit I've been one who dearly wanted to hold a new baby, but I've learned they're just as wonderful at four months old as they are as newborns! It's important for all of us to bond with your baby . . . it kinda makes us want to lay down our lives for her, and she'll need people like that!

Phyllis said...

I love the description of how Caiden wakes up! Newborns are so sweet! It won't be long before she's more efficient and you're more comfortable. You'll be able to hide somewhere and feed her in a minute, or just do it during church. I think you're brave to be going out so much already.

How did the sling work for youth group? That sounds like a great idea! It just wouldn't be possible in Russia, though.

I know you're tired, but according to my own personal experience, she's sleeping great! :-)