Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Today is the day!

Well, I tried to sleep...but I think I'm too excited. =) ...Which is a development I'm embracing. Last night there were tears and prayers and much confusion- trying to decide if we were doing the right thing, asking ourselves if we were really trusting God. The whole scheduled c-section thing is such a gamble. It's a toss up really. If we postpone it, and she doesn't turn, then we end up in real labor, doing an emergency c-section and having a "Chinese Firedrill". Currently I am 39.5 weeks and in labor on and off. I'm just not going anywhere...which the Dr. says is because she's breech. This baby is not taking any of our suggestions or orders to turn around, and honestly, I'm tired of contractions with no real purpose. I am sad that we have to do surgery instead of allowing this baby to come the way God intended, but then, it would be nice for her to turn down the way God intended too. At this point, I think I'm accepting the mourning that goes along with broken dreams and plans, but at the same time, I'm ready to meet my little girl and move on in this journey in a way that is safe- atleast for her. And in five hours, I will meet her face to face. How strange is it that I can predict that?!

Please pray for me that breastfeeding gets established well, and early. Supposedly it may take a little longer for my milk to come in, so pray that I have determination, and patience.

I will try and have Jeff post either on this blog, or my MySpace when he gets the chance. Please be patient with us, it may take a few days.


Mrs said...

Oh Shannon, we will wait as long as you need us to. Our prayers are being sent on your behalf! I will particularly pray for nursing to go well. . . the hardest/easiest thing for a mom to do, but still takes training of both Mom and baby.

WOW! I can't believe this day is FINALLY here! God bless you and Jeff!

Hugs and hugs!

Lindy said...

I am Phyllis' aunt and both of my sons had to be delivered C-section. I had no trouble with my milk production (I don't think anyone told me this might be a problem after a c-section). My boys are healthy and I got over the disappointment once I realized they were healthy and all were safe.

Phyllis said...

Of course, we'll be patient waiting for photos. Enjoy your sweet baby! Congratulations!