Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stubborn? Or stuck?

Well, I only have a brief moment, but just to let you know, as of yesterday, Tuesday, our little girl was still breech. They did see her cord up near her neck though, not to say it's around her neck, but definitely close so they want to make sure it's not before they try to move her manually. Meanwhile, I am doing every exercise and stretch in the book. So much so, that I can barely walk, or turn my head because I'm so sore. =(
I am still believing God that she will turn and come out the way He designed for babies to come out. Yesterday as I was driving, praying and talking to the baby about this situation, I saw a complete rainbow. It reminded me of God's faithfulness, and of His promises, and gave me great comfort. (Thank you Jesus!)
Please continue to pray for a miracle, and for her "obedience". ;)


Allie said...

Praying for you nightly, Shannon. I really enjoyed our visit the other day!

Mrs said...

Shannon, Allie shared this with me at AWANA last night. I'm praying for her to turn! I also hope they let you get closer to your due date, rather than schedule anything for the "convenience" of a doctor's schedule. (grrr. .. )

Phyllis said...

Hey, I saw a rainbow a few days ago, too! Can you imagine? In December, in Russia. . . rain and then blue sky and a rainbow! I took it as a special sign of God's love for me.

Closer to the what you were writing about: we're praying, too. No, matter what happens, we do know that God has it in his hands. And, personally, I'm proud of you for trying so hard to do everything you can. :-)

Mrs said...

Any update, Shannon? Praying and waiting on this end!