Friday, December 22, 2006

Praying for a miracle

Good news and bad news seems come together...I wonder why that is? The good news is that I've made it past 38 weeks with my daughter still inside safe and sound! Thank you Jesus!! The bad news is that yesterday we found out that our baby girl is still breech. Sigh. The cord isn't around her neck though, so that is a relief. She is however shimmied in there quite tightly. The doctor tried to manipulate her around to see if it was possible to turn her externally, but he didn't get anywhere. She is in there so tightly. She's already dropped into my pelvis because of all of the contractions.

We discussed the possibility of delivering breech, but she is a "footling breech"- the most unsafe way to deliver a baby. (It means the baby's feet are coming out first.) So, unless she stretches her legs above her head again, that option is out too.

At this point, we are praying that God will turn her around before next Wednesday, because that is when we've scheduled a c-section. I am struggling with this c-section thing- mainly because I've this doesn't fit into my "plan" of how my birthing experience was going to go. But, it's out of my control. I've done everything I can to flip her. We have tried it no avail. Part of me feels a sense of failure, and part of me knows that is silly, because it's not my fault. I guess more than anything, it's the death of a dream; unmet expectations. So, it's up to the Lord. Only He can work a miracle at this point- and that is what we are asking of Him.

Well, atleast I know for certain that we will have a baby by Dec. 27th at 12:30. =)

I would appreciate your prayers ya'll!! Thanks for standing with us through this roller coaster ride! We love you!!


Phyllis said...

I will keep praying! Please be praying for the missionary family in Sudogda, too. Their baby is due at the end of January and also breach. Mom is Nadya.

Mrs said...

Shannon, we're praying for a miracle! Still, to think you're less than a week away from holding your precious one. . . WOW.

Thanks for the update!

Phyllis said...

On another note: I hope you've given someone your blog password to post pictures right away when there are some! (That's the best way for us to see them.) Or I could give someone our photo address, specifically for that. :-)

Thank you for your sweet comment on our blog! I wish you were here, too. I have decided that breech babies are one area where the Russian medical system outshines the American. And more than that, I'd just like to visit with you, too!