Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Well, beginning at 3:00 on Christmas Day until now, I've had pretty intense contractions very regularly. They woke me up all night long, although this morning, they've slowed a little. I even tried the soak-in- the-bath thing, and had to get out because they were getting too uncomfortable. Last night they were rough, but Jeff helped me through them like a pro. Today they are spaced out more- thus the blog. The baby is moving a lot in between though, which is encouraging. I'm going to just keep going hoping that she will turn. Everything is ready to go- the carseat is installed, the bags are packed. Wouldn't it be great if she turned during this process? Even if she doesn't, atleast she will have had the benefit of labor and all of the "feel good" hormones that come with it. I'm still going to make sure that I can't deliver her breech and be safe about it. We'll see. Thanks for all of your prayers!!!


Following Forward said...


You do not remember me , I am sure, but I have been following your pregnancy and praying for you in the last few weeks. I am a good friend of Gentry's and I met Jeff at Wesley and Kris told me you were pregnant and I found your blog. I am so excited that you will finally be meeting your new little girl.

I am too pregnant and your blog has given me comfort, silly as that sounds. My husband and I are in youth ministry together as well, and I have enjoyed reading your struggles and joys in this complex and amazing ministry.

So, thank you for being honest and real, and know that God has used your words and what God is doing in your life as an encouragement in my daily life as well.

I am praying for you and Jeff and this new adventure!

In Him,

Mrs said...

Either way, tomorrow's the day! We love you and we're praying for you, Shannon!

Phyllis said...

Oh! Praise the Lord for this much! I kept waking up last night and praying for you.

Shannon said...

Oh, what a encouragement you were to me this morning.
Your name sounds familiar, but I can't seem to put a
face on you. =) Congratulations on your little one,
and this exciting time of your life. How far along are
How wonderful to know someone else who works in youth
ministry and who is beginning a family! I will be
praying for you, as I'm a few steps ahead (I will meet
my daughter this afternoon!). Please keep in touch and
let me know how I can pray for you.
Do you see Gentry often? I have been dying to get in
touch with her, but the only e-mail address I had for
her kept sending my message back to me. =( Please send
her our love!
Blessings on you and your husband!