Sunday, December 31, 2006

Caiden Hannah McLaughlin

Our sweet baby girl is here! Praise Jesus! I know every Mother is biased, but I'm continually awed by her perfection and beauty and intricasy.
We went into the hospital on Wednesday with the intention of trying to turn the baby. However, after the sonogram revealed a fluid level of 1.7 (5-20 is normal and acceptable) we were told it was physically impossible to do so. We then had two choices: try a vaginal breech delivery, or continue with the c-section as planned. We were leaning toward waiting (I had already dialated to 4 cm, although I wasn't progressing well because she was breech) although they weren't happy with the idea of sending me home with such low water, and they wouln't induce because she was breech. Just then, I had a long, strong-ish contraction and the baby's heart monitor started to beep. I thought she had just moved away from the point of contact, but after the Nurse quickly moved me (and baby) around, we discovered that we could barely get a reading of her heart rate. Her heart had descelerated so much and for such a long period of time- it was scary! They gave me a shot to stop the contractions to give her a chance to recover and that seemed to help some. But, that answered our question- it was time to just get her out of there- it was no longer the safest place for her to be. The staff worked efficiently and calmly but had me ready for surgery in about 15 minutes. Surprisingly, I was calm and finally at peace with the idea that we HAD to do it this way and it was okay. And here is the best part of God's protection: when they delivered the baby, the cord WAS wrapped around her neck- something the sonogram just minutes before had been unable to see. If she had tried to come vaginally, it would have meant certain danger for her. How sweet the protection of the Lord!
Also, nursing has been wonderful! I'm still rather sore, but she nurses like a pro. My milk came in a day and a half earlier than they expected- a huge answer to prayer! Thank you to all who prayed!
And, as you can see, she finally has a middle name! Yeah!! When we finally decided on the morning before we left the hospital, I felt like someone should throw us a party and celebrate with us our accomplishment! ;) I know, most normal people had names chosen months in advance...I never claimed to be normal! We decided on Hannah because of several reasons: Jeff really wanted her middle name to be Hebrew and have a special meaning. Caiden means "kind friend". Hannah means gracious and merciful. The week before Caiden was born we were reading about Hannah in the Scriptures and her faithfulness to the we thought it would be appropriate.
Here are a few pics: the first was the night before she was born.

Okay, I'm exhausted, and going to try to grab a nap while she's sleeping. Thanks for your prayers. Please continue to pray for a quick recovery- the pain is not fun!


Phyllis said...

Thank you so much for taking time to write! She's beautiful. Hannah is a very pretty middle name; I knew you would come up with something perfect. :-)

С Новым Годом!

Allie said...

Shae - she's beautiful! We're so excited for you and can't wait to meet her! (We all have colds right now, so we'll keep our distance.) Please let me know if you need anything (something from the store, a meal, etc). Congratulations and blessings!!

Mrs said...

It helps to have daughters who are so close to your sisters, so I've seen some photos already. Shannon, she's GORGEOUS! WOW! All her aunties are beaming. :-)

Praising God for His protection over you and Hannah during delievery choices. Praising also for your peace in His decision! He loves you so much!

Biding my time. . . I know I'll see her eventually. Congratulations, Caiden! You have incredible parents, specifically chosen by God to be your Mamma and Pappa. You are blessed!

michele said...

Oh precious one! She is beautiful! And being a DLG (Daddy's Little Girl) I absolutely LOVE the picture of her and Jeff. So glad she's here and safe. May you see the blessings in every day of your lives! :)
PS If Ben were a girl, the name we picked out was Hannah Elise. Hannah just has so much in it. Beauty, dignity, grace, and it's spelled the same backward and forward. :)