Sunday, December 31, 2006

Caiden Hannah McLaughlin

Our sweet baby girl is here! Praise Jesus! I know every Mother is biased, but I'm continually awed by her perfection and beauty and intricasy.
We went into the hospital on Wednesday with the intention of trying to turn the baby. However, after the sonogram revealed a fluid level of 1.7 (5-20 is normal and acceptable) we were told it was physically impossible to do so. We then had two choices: try a vaginal breech delivery, or continue with the c-section as planned. We were leaning toward waiting (I had already dialated to 4 cm, although I wasn't progressing well because she was breech) although they weren't happy with the idea of sending me home with such low water, and they wouln't induce because she was breech. Just then, I had a long, strong-ish contraction and the baby's heart monitor started to beep. I thought she had just moved away from the point of contact, but after the Nurse quickly moved me (and baby) around, we discovered that we could barely get a reading of her heart rate. Her heart had descelerated so much and for such a long period of time- it was scary! They gave me a shot to stop the contractions to give her a chance to recover and that seemed to help some. But, that answered our question- it was time to just get her out of there- it was no longer the safest place for her to be. The staff worked efficiently and calmly but had me ready for surgery in about 15 minutes. Surprisingly, I was calm and finally at peace with the idea that we HAD to do it this way and it was okay. And here is the best part of God's protection: when they delivered the baby, the cord WAS wrapped around her neck- something the sonogram just minutes before had been unable to see. If she had tried to come vaginally, it would have meant certain danger for her. How sweet the protection of the Lord!
Also, nursing has been wonderful! I'm still rather sore, but she nurses like a pro. My milk came in a day and a half earlier than they expected- a huge answer to prayer! Thank you to all who prayed!
And, as you can see, she finally has a middle name! Yeah!! When we finally decided on the morning before we left the hospital, I felt like someone should throw us a party and celebrate with us our accomplishment! ;) I know, most normal people had names chosen months in advance...I never claimed to be normal! We decided on Hannah because of several reasons: Jeff really wanted her middle name to be Hebrew and have a special meaning. Caiden means "kind friend". Hannah means gracious and merciful. The week before Caiden was born we were reading about Hannah in the Scriptures and her faithfulness to the we thought it would be appropriate.
Here are a few pics: the first was the night before she was born.

Okay, I'm exhausted, and going to try to grab a nap while she's sleeping. Thanks for your prayers. Please continue to pray for a quick recovery- the pain is not fun!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Today is the day!

Well, I tried to sleep...but I think I'm too excited. =) ...Which is a development I'm embracing. Last night there were tears and prayers and much confusion- trying to decide if we were doing the right thing, asking ourselves if we were really trusting God. The whole scheduled c-section thing is such a gamble. It's a toss up really. If we postpone it, and she doesn't turn, then we end up in real labor, doing an emergency c-section and having a "Chinese Firedrill". Currently I am 39.5 weeks and in labor on and off. I'm just not going anywhere...which the Dr. says is because she's breech. This baby is not taking any of our suggestions or orders to turn around, and honestly, I'm tired of contractions with no real purpose. I am sad that we have to do surgery instead of allowing this baby to come the way God intended, but then, it would be nice for her to turn down the way God intended too. At this point, I think I'm accepting the mourning that goes along with broken dreams and plans, but at the same time, I'm ready to meet my little girl and move on in this journey in a way that is safe- atleast for her. And in five hours, I will meet her face to face. How strange is it that I can predict that?!

Please pray for me that breastfeeding gets established well, and early. Supposedly it may take a little longer for my milk to come in, so pray that I have determination, and patience.

I will try and have Jeff post either on this blog, or my MySpace when he gets the chance. Please be patient with us, it may take a few days.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Well, beginning at 3:00 on Christmas Day until now, I've had pretty intense contractions very regularly. They woke me up all night long, although this morning, they've slowed a little. I even tried the soak-in- the-bath thing, and had to get out because they were getting too uncomfortable. Last night they were rough, but Jeff helped me through them like a pro. Today they are spaced out more- thus the blog. The baby is moving a lot in between though, which is encouraging. I'm going to just keep going hoping that she will turn. Everything is ready to go- the carseat is installed, the bags are packed. Wouldn't it be great if she turned during this process? Even if she doesn't, atleast she will have had the benefit of labor and all of the "feel good" hormones that come with it. I'm still going to make sure that I can't deliver her breech and be safe about it. We'll see. Thanks for all of your prayers!!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Praying for a miracle

Good news and bad news seems come together...I wonder why that is? The good news is that I've made it past 38 weeks with my daughter still inside safe and sound! Thank you Jesus!! The bad news is that yesterday we found out that our baby girl is still breech. Sigh. The cord isn't around her neck though, so that is a relief. She is however shimmied in there quite tightly. The doctor tried to manipulate her around to see if it was possible to turn her externally, but he didn't get anywhere. She is in there so tightly. She's already dropped into my pelvis because of all of the contractions.

We discussed the possibility of delivering breech, but she is a "footling breech"- the most unsafe way to deliver a baby. (It means the baby's feet are coming out first.) So, unless she stretches her legs above her head again, that option is out too.

At this point, we are praying that God will turn her around before next Wednesday, because that is when we've scheduled a c-section. I am struggling with this c-section thing- mainly because I've this doesn't fit into my "plan" of how my birthing experience was going to go. But, it's out of my control. I've done everything I can to flip her. We have tried it no avail. Part of me feels a sense of failure, and part of me knows that is silly, because it's not my fault. I guess more than anything, it's the death of a dream; unmet expectations. So, it's up to the Lord. Only He can work a miracle at this point- and that is what we are asking of Him.

Well, atleast I know for certain that we will have a baby by Dec. 27th at 12:30. =)

I would appreciate your prayers ya'll!! Thanks for standing with us through this roller coaster ride! We love you!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stubborn? Or stuck?

Well, I only have a brief moment, but just to let you know, as of yesterday, Tuesday, our little girl was still breech. They did see her cord up near her neck though, not to say it's around her neck, but definitely close so they want to make sure it's not before they try to move her manually. Meanwhile, I am doing every exercise and stretch in the book. So much so, that I can barely walk, or turn my head because I'm so sore. =(
I am still believing God that she will turn and come out the way He designed for babies to come out. Yesterday as I was driving, praying and talking to the baby about this situation, I saw a complete rainbow. It reminded me of God's faithfulness, and of His promises, and gave me great comfort. (Thank you Jesus!)
Please continue to pray for a miracle, and for her "obedience". ;)