Friday, November 03, 2006

New pics

Here are some pics taken last week at Mary Halladay's bridal shower at Circle. I am 30 weeks pregnant in the picture. It's not a good profile picture, but you can definitely see my belly growing! I'm pretty uncomfortable, and wondering how I'm going to make it 9 more weeks...but, I'm enjoying watching her move across my belly and feeling definite feet and knees now. Sometimes she'll push her "weird end" (as Bekah used to say) up and I can almost grab it. It's the strangest feeling! And it makes me really ready to see her soon.

My first shower is next Saturday, and that will be fun. Several of my friends are unable to come, so it may just be family, but it will still be fun.

Well, I'll try and get more up later, but for the moment, I'm exhausted. =)


Mrs said...

Shae, you are SO LOVELY! I'm glad I at least got a hug and a little conversation this time! And from Heather and Kris. . . I could just hang with Walters all the time.

9 weeks to go? WOW. It may not seem like it's going fast for you, but your pregnancy is speeding by for the rest of us! How eagerly we await the arrival of this blessed one. Your mother and father cannot stop beaming!

Even though I was at the same event, thanks for posting the pictures!

Phyllis said...

No updates? :-(

Phyllis said...

This is too funny! I was going to send it to you in an email, but this way other people can see it, too. We were just praying for your baby to turn over. When we finished, Jaan asked "Why don't they just spank her to make her obey and turn over?"

Mrs said...

What's the word? Is the wee lass turned, or what? I love Jaan's perspective! Children should obey, and that's that! :-D