Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Okay, I'll work on it!

To all of you who have written about the picture being "insufficient" of my belly: I promise I will work on it! At the moment, we have misplaced our camera, so when that has been found, then I will snap a picture and post it. =)
My last Dr. appt I had the Diabetes screening- I'm fine and don't have it. Good to know! One of my jobs this month is to find a Pediatrician. Oy vey! One more thing to add to my list.
As for finding a Pediatrician, I'd like to use MY old one, because I trust him, but that depends on what insurance we put the baby on. Please pray for God's favor in this dept. Our ideal situation would be for all of us to go on a family policy- separate from the church (theirs stinks)- but there have been complications in that area. We need a move of God's hand for that to happen. I would greatly appreciate your prayers!!
I'm still feeling good, albeit a little more on the tired side. I really have no complaints. I am enjoying feeling this little one move and kick and really show personality. I can't wait to meet her face to face. I am feeling rather stretched, and quite large, although they say that I'm measuring a little small. Apparently because of my build, I will continue to go straight out, because there is just no room anywhere else. =) Should be interesting!
I'm also weighing my involvement in youth group activities now. I still want to be a part of things, but I just get so tired. Especially after a day of work, then youth stuff, then trying to catch up on laundry, or dishes or whatever. So, I'm having to learn how to say "no". It's hard. Especially because we're sharing one car now. (We sold the other one to Heather, and paid off our remaining one. YEAH!) It's not been my tendency to take "me time", but it seems like I need to start learning to make those boundaries now, so when the baby comes, that's not another thing I'm adjusting to.
Anyway, just some thoughts and ramblings. =) Thanks for listening!


Mrs said...

Shannon, I know God knows exactly where that camera is. Have you asked Him yet? That's how I usually find things! ;-D

I'll be praying for you and this very difficult decision of where to say "no." Hard to have your heart in two places!

Kathy (Phyllis' Mom) said...

If you have any interest in Samaritan Ministries, please contact us. As a non-insurance means of dealing with medical needs, we have found it a great blessing.

We hope you are enjoying some rest today.

With love....

Phyllis said...

Praying! Hopefully you'll just have such a healthy baby that you won't need to bother with a pediatrician. :-)