Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lily? Nancy? Molly? Drew?

Our sweet baby girl needs a name, folks. I understand this. We're working on it. So far the above mentioned names are ones that various people in our lives have nicknamed her until she gets a real one. No, really. Conversations go like this,
"So, how is Lily doing today?"
"Who's Lily?"
"Oh, that's what we're calling your baby...she needs a name you know."
"Oh, I see...okay?"

Enter other parties and they start to discuss whose name sounds better...that's when we duck out of the conversation because our laughter may hurt their feelings. =)

The funny thing is that their names are NOT the ones we've mentioned as being some of our options. They just come up with them on their own. I've serious thought about telling people her name is Matilde, or Maud or some other horrendous name just to make them stop. =) I guess it's all our fault. We're the ones who asked for ideas...we just never thought they would go so far as to actually NAME her too! ;)Keep in mind that we still have another two months, so it's not like she's coming next week and we're still undecided. (although I HAVE heard of people naming their child two weeks after their arrival- not that we would actually go that far...I don't think.) Smile.

Okay, so this is the last time. Anyone have any GOOD ideas? Thanks!


Mrs said...

Hmmmmm. . . GOOD ideas leaves out Hortence. Naming her after all her Aunties would be redundant and longwinded. Timothina would make him smile, but knowing Tim he wouldn't wish such a moniker on a beloved niece.

Beatrice is now forever tied in with Lemony Snicket and the Series of Unfortunate Events. You could try naming her after a fabric pattern or something, like Paisley, or a favorite road sign, like Horatio or Joyann.

Rest assured, whatever you name her will be temporary. As soon as her siblings arrive, you'll be calling her by THEIR names instead. My children think we have a third and fourth daughter named Kelglen and Glenkel.

Finding a name that ages well is the hardest, I think. Still, with her heritage, a Celtic or Gaelic name would be sweet. Then there's the whole meaning thing. We found out later that Kelly Irene means respectively "warrior woman" and "serene, peaceful." No wonder she's such a contradiction!

Phyllis said...

No help here. We agonize over our name choices. Wouldn't it be nice if babies just came with their names written on them? :-) I'm sure whatever you choose will be beautiful and perfect. I don't usually ask about names, but you did say that you've mentioned some options. Are you going to share those?

(By the way, I'm pretty sure Jaan would suggest naming her Doosya. That probably doesn't fall in your category of good names, though.)

Phyllis said...

Well, I was wrong. I just asked Jaan what your baby should be named. He said "Jaan!" Then I told him that she's a girl. "Oh. Then they should name her Девочка*." :-)

Before I asked him, I had to remind him who you are and that you're going to have a baby. To him Raia is still Baby. He was fine until I got the the second part of my explanation. Then he panicked, grabbed Raia, and said that you can't have her!

*I'm sure you remember девочка is girl. :-)

Allie said...

I'm not much help here either. We spent forever coming up with names for Iain - and we had to come up with a boy and a girl name since we didn't know which he'd be. :) My family (extended mostly) came up with such winners as Jupiter, Brandon Brannon, and Juliette. Of course, Shannon Brannon topped the list as well.

Try looking at some of the baby name websites that let you look up names by origin - they have some good ones. And you're right - she'll have a name someday!

Lisa said...

I'm just a stranger who just upon your blog, but I wanted to leave you some name suggestions from a totally random point of view.

I think old names are coming back in. I personally think Genevieve and Evelyn are pretty names. My new niece's name is Annaliese. All different and still able to have nicknames later in life. If I ever have a daughter I'll use something like that, soft, feminine, and truely unique in this day and age.

Hope this suprised you in a pleasant way and possibly gave you some ideas!

MacPhil said...

The scientific approach to naming is best. We had a dear friend in college named Leetra. She was the only Leetra in the world as far as could be determined. Her parents had combined their own names to create hers. Leela and Truman. "Lee" and "tru" with the "u" changed to "a" to be more feminine.

We loved it. So we took Phillip and Kathy and got Philthy and Katlip. We decided to name her after our good friend Leetra instead.

Due to one of the Star Trek shows (Next Generation, I think), there are now hundreds of youngsters named Leetra. There was a Klingon female warrior named Commander Leetra in several episodes and the name caught on.

Jeffannon or Shanry are possibilities. Well, maybe not. ( - ;

Mrs said...

Phil! Thank you so much for a true "laugh out loud" this morning! I read it aloud to the girls so they could laugh, too.

Any names yet, Shannon? Or will you wait until the acutal birth to announce her name?

David and Sarah Halladay had names picked out, but the minute their first daughter was born David said, "None of those names suit her. She's Amanda." Too sweet.