Friday, October 20, 2006

Finally, a picture!

This should do it for now. (Thank you Phyllis!) We HAVE located the person (from church)who has our camera, but have not retrieved it yet. This pic was taken at my friend Allie's baby shower honoring her son, Iain- who is absolutely adorable.! You should have seen me trying to balance him on my belly! =) My belly is quite a bit larger now (I think she had a growth spurt last night) so I will still attempt to get another pic....

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lily? Nancy? Molly? Drew?

Our sweet baby girl needs a name, folks. I understand this. We're working on it. So far the above mentioned names are ones that various people in our lives have nicknamed her until she gets a real one. No, really. Conversations go like this,
"So, how is Lily doing today?"
"Who's Lily?"
"Oh, that's what we're calling your baby...she needs a name you know."
"Oh, I see...okay?"

Enter other parties and they start to discuss whose name sounds better...that's when we duck out of the conversation because our laughter may hurt their feelings. =)

The funny thing is that their names are NOT the ones we've mentioned as being some of our options. They just come up with them on their own. I've serious thought about telling people her name is Matilde, or Maud or some other horrendous name just to make them stop. =) I guess it's all our fault. We're the ones who asked for ideas...we just never thought they would go so far as to actually NAME her too! ;)Keep in mind that we still have another two months, so it's not like she's coming next week and we're still undecided. (although I HAVE heard of people naming their child two weeks after their arrival- not that we would actually go that far...I don't think.) Smile.

Okay, so this is the last time. Anyone have any GOOD ideas? Thanks!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Okay, I'll work on it!

To all of you who have written about the picture being "insufficient" of my belly: I promise I will work on it! At the moment, we have misplaced our camera, so when that has been found, then I will snap a picture and post it. =)
My last Dr. appt I had the Diabetes screening- I'm fine and don't have it. Good to know! One of my jobs this month is to find a Pediatrician. Oy vey! One more thing to add to my list.
As for finding a Pediatrician, I'd like to use MY old one, because I trust him, but that depends on what insurance we put the baby on. Please pray for God's favor in this dept. Our ideal situation would be for all of us to go on a family policy- separate from the church (theirs stinks)- but there have been complications in that area. We need a move of God's hand for that to happen. I would greatly appreciate your prayers!!
I'm still feeling good, albeit a little more on the tired side. I really have no complaints. I am enjoying feeling this little one move and kick and really show personality. I can't wait to meet her face to face. I am feeling rather stretched, and quite large, although they say that I'm measuring a little small. Apparently because of my build, I will continue to go straight out, because there is just no room anywhere else. =) Should be interesting!
I'm also weighing my involvement in youth group activities now. I still want to be a part of things, but I just get so tired. Especially after a day of work, then youth stuff, then trying to catch up on laundry, or dishes or whatever. So, I'm having to learn how to say "no". It's hard. Especially because we're sharing one car now. (We sold the other one to Heather, and paid off our remaining one. YEAH!) It's not been my tendency to take "me time", but it seems like I need to start learning to make those boundaries now, so when the baby comes, that's not another thing I'm adjusting to.
Anyway, just some thoughts and ramblings. =) Thanks for listening!