Thursday, September 28, 2006

Okay, here I am

Here's to all of you who have asked me over and over, "where are the belly shots?" Here I am 6 1/2 months pregnant. I really don't have many pics of me, so I'll have to try and get another one so you can see a little better. This one was taken at Fall Retreat a few weeks ago. I was watching a shaving cream fight between about 80 kids and 8 or so adults. VERY amusing! =)
The baby is doing well. We just had a Dr. appt. They didn't do much but weigh, measure and listen to her heartbeat...sounds and looks good! Our next assignment is to sign up for Lamaze classes at the hospital. They are 6 weeks long, so we have to have begun then before our next appt to ensure that we get them all in before the baby comes. It's all happening so quickly!
I am happy, and round and really enjoying being pregnant. I love to just sit back, do nothing and feel my baby move inside. We have all kinds of conversations, she and I. =) It's just nice "being" a little, and she's the best company!
Not much more to report from here. Hope all is well with you all!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

More news on the home front

Well, I am nearing the end of my 6th month (how did that happen!) and for posterity's sake, (does that even apply to computer blogs?) I would like to annouce, with drumroll please, that our precious little baby is a GIRL!! Surprise! I think 95% of people thought we were having a boy, so I started to think that way too. We had two names picked out for a boy, and not much progress with a girl name...last time I listen to the general concensus! Now we have a lot of work to do on the name front. =) However, we will do it with joy and anticipation! Here are some pics of her from the sonogram 2 weeks ago.

It has been fun "bonding" with our little girl. Even in utero she seems to have a personality. She like to "communicate" with gusty kicks during music and prayer, and especially to her Daddy's voice. I know it seems silly to think that she understands what he says to her, but she has responded quite appropriately about 95% of the time- and even more so to his "serious" voice. The serious Daddy voice comes out when she's doing gymnastics when I'm trying to sleep, or when she's in an uncomfortable spot and kicking me, or when she wakes me up at her typical 3:00AM and 6:00AM. times and won't settle down so I can fall back asleep. She's a very active little girl. I know she's still tiny, so I can only imagine what this will feel like when we get closer to the due date. =) But, I am enjoying and cherishing every move and kick. How amazing that this child is growing so perfectly inside of me! I think when she is here, I will miss her kicks, just a little.
We just bought a crib on ebay for very cheap. It's beautiful solid cherry wood and matches the glider the Wacker's gave us perfectly! How fun!
My friend and college roomie just had a little boy, Christopher Thomas Billman, a few weeks ago at home, and he was born in a grand total of 3 hours. (Yes, that's including labor and transition, and pushing!!) So, I'm beginning to pray for a similiarly short/uncomplicated labor. Of course because of it's short duration, it was very intense, but she did it! YEAH Caroline!
She is using cloth diapers for her little boy, and was telling me about them. Of course they are a lot of work, but it just sounds like something I should try. It just makes sense money-wise, and environmentally, and even physically. However, I don't know the least bit about them. Does anyone have any advice or ideas in that area? Thanks!