Monday, August 14, 2006


Well, school is back in full swing now. I survived the first week beautifully, however today, I think it caught up with me. I was exhausted! I was reticent to take a nap because I was afraid that I wouldn't sleep tonight. So, I have just rested my feet instead. The baby isn't tired though! =) This little one has been kicking for the last four hours! What an amazing thing it is. Sometimes I've found myself being totally absorbed in the miracle of feeling these kicks- to the exclusion of all else. Don't worry. The house still gets clean and meals still get cooked. =)
Thanks to some sound scolding from a friend, I'm also in the process of discarding my new habit of worrying about all things baby. I'm not able to really enjoy this process if I'm worrying all the time. Makes sense, right? I've also stopped reading so much about pregnancy. It seems like it just does more to make me compare and then worry.
Oh, I have to record what happened yesterday! Two friends from my Sunday night Bible study kidnapped me yesterday and took me maternity clothes shopping. They paid for everything! I can hardly believe it! I feel so loved! I knew that people would be excited about a baby, but I didn't expect to be pampered and loved on as well. These clothes are much more comfy than the ones I was stuffing myself into! Thank you Jesus for provision and "extra" blessings!
Two weeks before our next sonogram!
Back to loving life....!