Saturday, July 08, 2006

13 weeks

Yeah for the second trimester! I am feeling almost back to my "old" self as far as energy and feeling good goes. I've noticed that my jeans don't fit now, and not many of my normal size 2s and 4s fit comfortably. Hmm...=) But yesterday, I tried to fit into maternity pants that were smalls, but them were way too big. So, I may have to start gerry-rigging some of my pants! ;) I'm excited for when I actually start "looking pregnant". I'm still hungry a lot, but not ravenous like the last three months. Now, I'm just waiting til I can feel the baby. It's probably still a few weeks out, but I'm so excited about it.

Starting on Sunday, we have a week of inner city mission work. We're working with Ivey Lane (the neighborhood that I've mentioned before). It's been a while since we have seen those kiddos and we're so excited to get back there. Please pray for our safety while we're there. It's not the safest place in the world sometimes. =) So, I hope to fill everyone in on how that goes as soon as we get back.

Also, I seem to be getting Jeff's cold now. My second in 3 weeks. =( I'm praying for complete healing so that I can do what I need to do this week. Thanks for joining me!

More next week!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Yeah for Saturday!

Ahhh. I'm just enjoying breathing (after my yucky cold) and not having any real agenda for today. I woke up this morning quite late for my "routine" during summer school. I'd typically wake up at 5:15 and be at school by 7:00. But that is all over now, and so I can enjoy sleep for the next month or so.

I woke up with so much energy this morning! By 9:00 I had made blueberry pancakes and fruit salad for breakfast, cleaned all of the dirty dishes that were sitting in the sink, emptied the dishwasher, emptied the trash, organized a drawer in the kitchen, cleaned out the refrigerator, made the bed, and read Phyllis' blog. =) After I finish this, next on my agenda is doing laundry, organizing the bathroom drawer, and working in the garden. I'm feeling a great need to get my home in order, can you tell? Really, I need to because the next real break I'll have from school will be Christmas break, and I'll be ready to pop, so I don't think I'll put it off 'til then! ;)

Speaking of baby, I'm still not showing, and in fact I've lost 5lbs, but I seem to have gotten thicker around my middle. How that's possible, I don't know, but that's what's happened! Oh, I haven't shared about the sonogram yet! I have really been struggling with how to put the emotion I am feeling into words so bear with me! Seeing our baby move around inside of me with every little limb in place and active was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. What an amazing miracle! It's mind boggling to think that this tiny human being was created and formed inside of me with really, no effort on our part. It certainly made it so much more real to SEE the baby. Sometimes I found myself thinking, is this really happening, or is it just my imagination? It's hard when you still can't see or feel evidence of this child to believe that it is in there. However, I think that that will no longer be a problem! The doctor said that it is about 3.5 to 4 in. long and it's heart is beating at 152 beats a minute- which is supposed to be perfect. We saw the baby stretch, jump and turn all the way over and settle down and get comfortable again. At one point, when we were oohing and aahing the baby turned its head and looked right at the "camera". We laughed- what a coincidence!

I can certainly tell I'm entering the 2nd trimester though. I'm beginning to have more energy, and I'm not feeling icky in the afternoons any more. YEAH!!

Well, that's all the news on this front.