Monday, June 26, 2006

Tomorrow is the big day!

Our first Dr. appt is tomorrow. I'm so excited, and a little nervous. I just want everything to be okay and normal. We get to see the baby on the sonogram if it cooperates, and hear it's heartbeat. I can't wait!
Overall, I'm feeling pretty good, except for a yucky cold. I haven't been nearly as tired, although with the cold, I've still been napping because I want to get healthy again. I have been having headaches in the evening, but maybe that's because of the cold.
I tried to find an herbal tea last night that I could drink with some lemon and honey, but it seems like some experts discourage the consumption of herbal teas because of the unknown results in the baby. I finally had peppermint tea hoping that was safe. I'm thinking of experimenting with making my own "tea" with various fruits and herbs I know are safe. Any ideas anyone?
Well, I write more after tomorrow I would appreciate any prayers as I anticipate the appt.

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Phyllis said...

There are some really good pregnancy teas. I think the one I liked was "Traditional Medicinals" brand. Or you could just mix your own. . . .

I bought you a little baby present already. :-)

Please keep praying for Baby Korneichuk!