Thursday, June 15, 2006

Funny baby story

Today I am 10 weeks into my pregnancy. Only two more until the end of the first trimester! I can't wait! I'm ready to have more energy and feel less queasy in the afternoons. ;)

I made it through camp sucessfully- praise God! It seems like every day when I reached the "two o`clock hour" (when I get exhausted, queasy, and headachy) someone would walk up and offer to take over my post for me. It was miraculous. I was also able to grab a banana or grapefruit to eat as soon as I awoke in the morning to stave off my early morning ickies. And, my cabin was right next to the bathrooms. I couldn't have asked for a better set-up. Except maybe a warm shower or two... =)But, it's camp, what can I say?

The funniest thing happened though. One night after a long day, and a nice nap, I was doing my hair and thinking of what was to come that night, when one of the campers asked when I was due. For a few seconds, I was shocked, confused and in denial.I couldn't figure out why she would ask me that question. For a few minutes I was 18 years old all over again. Then I realized that I WAS pregnant! By the time I finished laughing at myself and stumbling over an answer, the whole cabin was laughing at me. =) It was so strange, it seems like this baby is all I think about these days, but for those few minutes, I guess it slipped my mind. I wonder if that ever happened to anyone else...?

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Phyllis said...

Hee hee. It will be real before too long. Although, I still have moments when I look at my children and think, "Are they really mine?"