Sunday, May 28, 2006


The setting is Sunday morning. Today is the first Sunday since last summer that Jeff hasn't had to play in the band or lead Sunday School, or speak at the adult classes and he's leaving for camp on Wednesday morning, so we took the day off. I'm sitting on the couch in some comfy p.js. and listening as Jeff plays his own rendition of "All Creatures of Our God and King" on the keyboard behind me. From where I'm sitting the garden is looking beautiful. The corn is already up to my waist heighth, and another head of broccoli is forming.

Sometimes it's so good to take a break. And right at this moment I feel the presence of God. I just re-read the last blog entry and realized that that's what happens when I stuff my pain instead of unpacking it at the foot of Jesus. Thanks Phyllis and Lindsey for loving me through it and for giving me Truth to hold on to in the midst of it.

He switched to "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow"....I've never heard it played that way before and it's breathtaking. I'm envisioning a high mountain and someone standing at the top with arms wide singing the oh, Doxology- that's what it's called, that way.

This month has been an exercise in surrendering control and trusting my Jesus. Not only with my Mom, but with finances, with job stuff, with my health. I actually wrote Scripture on some cards and stuck them in my desk at work and during every break, or every pause, I would pull them out and renew my mind. It actually worked! =) Right now, listening to husband worship in music, and looking out to my backyard and the creek and the hill beyond it framed with majestic oaks, I am thankful for the exercise in faith that this month has been. It's not over, but I feel like I'm atleast headed in the right direction.

Phyllis, if this is you and you haven't checked your e-mail yet, stop here and don't read any further until you do so.

A big part of this month has been finding out that God has entrusted us with a little blessing in the form of a baby! We are very excited, but also a little surprised as we're coming off of a very busy few months and definitely were not expecting this.(Now it makes sense why I have been so tired!!) The reason we were not expecting this was because according to the doctor, my endimetriosis was so bad that she thought I would be unable to get pregnant without a procedure. Hmmm, I guess God likes showing up in the impossible! ;)The due date is January 12, 2007.

Early on we had a few complications that have since disappeared, but I really struggled with worry and a said, it's been a real exercise in faith! That's why I've had to renew my mind. But, I would appreciate your prayers for the baby's health and mine too.

(Jeff's now playing the Hallelujah Chorus and stopped midway to tell me that he felt it was wrong that I was not standing for this song...grin. He keeps me smiling.)

Well, that's about it for this month. Just a few changes here and there! =)