Friday, February 17, 2006

Tomato Thief?

Okay, somthing happened last night and I haven't decided if it is hilarious, or bear with me.

So you know how this is our first garden, our tomatoes are ripening, and we are eagerly anticipating our first tomato. (Don't laugh- I'm serious!) Well, last night I came home about 9:00 and took the flashlight to inspect (and pick) our reddening fruit. However, much to my confusion and dismay, the tomato was nowhere to be found!!! I looked over it, I looked under it, I even looked THROUGH it- no tomato.

So I called Jeff out to look. He looked over it, HE looked under it, and HE looked through it....nope.

So, my question is this: do dogs eat tomatos? Because we have a neighbor with a rather big dog that likes to frequent our yard. But, then I wonder how he would have picked that one, and left the ones that are lower than that- but not yet ripe...I am quite sure that dogs do not know when tomatos are ripe.

The only other questions is do we have a neighbor with a fancy for tomatos fresh off the tree/bush/whatever it's called?? If so, you've GOT to be kidding me! It's MY tomato!!!

Well, ya know, it's a little rediculous, and it's not like I don't have lots of other tomatos in progress, but none of the other ones are red yet, and you's just anti-climatic to have this moment stolen from me. Ah well...what can you do?

Hmmm...Does anyone know of a plant or something that discourages animals from rooting around in one's garden? If so, please let me know! I'm not exactly excited about losing more of the fruit of my labor. Sianora!


Phyllis said...

How sad!

Could it have been a squirrel? They usually just take one bite, but maybe one could have carried off a whole tomato. You might be able to scare squirrels with something that moved in the wind and made noise, like you would use to keep birds away.

Kathy (Phyllis' Mom) said...


I second Phyllis' guess....especially after several "squirrel wars" here. I generally pick my tomatoes just ahead of ripe and bring them inside to finish. Although I know completely vine ripened is best, we seem to lose an incredible number in that last day or so. Already this season we have actually harvested a few from our container planting on the back patio, but we are having to fight with either birds or squirrels to get them.