Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I just have to brag about what God did tonight!!

An 8th grader plays the d'jimbe (sp?) for the band on Wednesday nights. She's really good. Well, she hurt her elbow a few weeks ago, and had a brace for it. Tonight she asked me to pray over her before she went out to play, so I grabbed some other band members and we asked God to show up, have His way, make Himself famous and heal her elbow. Well, He did!!! She played all night with NO pain whatsoever- which was a huge change! WHOHOO!!!

Thanks for your prayers everyone! We have a long way to go with a handful of kiddos- but I'm feeling stronger knowing that you all are "holding the ropes".

I just have to say that celebrating Valentines Day with second graders is so hilarious and fun. This was the funniest poem I heard:"Roses are red, violets are blue, you smell as sweet as the sandwich you eat." Apparently peanut butter and jelly is an admired scent among little ones! =)

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