Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday nights

So I think I've mentioned this before, but Jeff and I have begun attending a small group Bible study with four other couples on Sunday nights. We're reading this book called "The Final Quest" by Rick Joyner. It's written in the form of an allegory and it's very deep and profound.

Tonight was very good. On Sunday nights I feel soothed, like a healing balm was placed on my heart and warmed my spirit. It makes me remember what "being alive" feels like.

We were talking about the five major aspects of the likeness of Christ that we should be eminating to all we come in contact with. They are: the Lion, the Lamb, the Judge, the Bridegroom, and the Shepherd. We were discussing how each of these aspects should be mirrored in our relationships and interactions with everyone and examining which aspects we struggle with understanding, and how that affects our ability to project an accurate picture of Christ to others. Also, which aspects we need to allow the Holy Spirit to illuminate and increase in our own lives for the same purpose.

I am so incredibly thankful for this group of people who are in this journey with me and don't have it all together, who are all a work in progress- learning, stretching, growing, reshaping, and who are willing to adopt us into this trasparent and loving group and share themselves with us. Jesus, thank you for this answer to prayer. Thank you for this spiritual food and healing. Father, continue to develop and mesh these relationships. And I pray that You would extend your hand of blessing on each of them according to Your will and Your plan. Amen.

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Phyllis said...

I just wanted to say thank you for keeping us updated!