Sunday, December 11, 2005

My Saturday and My Small Group

Well, I had fun yesterday. I had my first freelance interpreting job. I interpreted a four hour ordination for a deacon. It was LONG...but a lot of fun! You know, maybe I can really do this thing- interpreting, I mean. I feel so underqualified and inexperienced. But, I guess everyone has to start somewhere! =) Then I went Christmas shopping and went home to be with my husband. He surprised me by taking me out to eat last night. It was fun! Oh, and I picked 5 more beans from my garden. =) Two tomatoes are also in the works!
I just finished reading e-mails for my small group girls. I'm referring to a group of five girls who went through college with me, meeting for a Bible study every week.Sometimes our group would last for 4 hours or so. These girls are amazing, and I'm pretty sure that we would die for each other. It's been hard since college ended, because we all scattered to the wind. Kristin is in India, Mindy in Sierra Leone, Renata in Canada, Kimberly in Penn. and Caroline soon to be in Melbourne. Their e-mails left me with a dull ache inside. I think everyone seems to be in a hard place right now with the Lord. Just hurting, hungering without being filled and feeling like they're dying inside. How I long to be there for all of them like before. It was so much easier when we lived close to each other. It's not that I am any better off emotionally or spiritually than they are, but there's just something about a ministry of presence. It's healing and comforting just knowing that someone is there for you- they've got your back and they love you no matter what.
Whoever is reading this, would you all pray with me for them? It would bless me knowing that you were.
Thanks! ~Shae