Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Our Monday was delightful! My entire family came over in the afternoon to bake, hang out, and share dinner. Heather came too, even though it's only been three days since her knee surgery. She came complete with nausea from the "exhausting trip", pain meds, and two machines that are quite impressive. The first contraption is one that she sticks her leg into which bends and straightens slowly for her in order to keep her knee from stiffening. The second one looks like a large blood pressure cuff that goes on her knee, but is connected to a machine filled with ice and water. It sucks the very cold water into the cuff and ices her knee. Fancy!

I wish you could have seen my kitchen with so many people in and out and so many recipes going on at the same time. That we did not put 10 cups of flour into one recipe is a miracle!! We made peanut butter thumbprint cookies with a kiss on top, M&M cookies, and sugar cookies along with the annual Walter/McLaughlin cinnamon rolls.

It is our yearly tradition that my brother, Tim and I make cinnamon rolls together. A very important part of that tradition is the competition to most skillfully distract the other in order to christen one's face with either butter or flour- or both! This year Tim won first and I got butter all down my face, but I hasten to add that I dodged atleast four previous attempts quite successfully. =)

By the end of the night we were all quite exhausted, but very content. It was so nice to be in the midst of chaos again. At first it was a little unnerving- but after a few hours, I remembered how much I liked it!


Phyllis said...

Ah, the Walter chaos! I love and miss it. Thanks for sharing.

barbwalter said...

Hey, Precious! It's Mpm here. I just read all of the posted blogs. How they warmed my heart! It was as if we were having some of our old late night talks! I miss them so! I love these windows into your heart.
I will be praying with these in mind. Our Lord is so faithful to continue the good work that He has begun in us- isn't He?
I only wish that I had more time to respond to each or at least some of them. ..
I love you so dearly!
(YOU, too- Phyllis!!)

Phyllis said...

Hey, where are you? :-)

We've been offline for the past few days, and I was hpoing to come back and find that you'd written.