Monday, November 14, 2005


So I guess I should have explained what "withwards" means. It's a word Jeff made up to describe the kind of community God was calling us into as a youth group this summer. It's not looking backwards at our past, or reducing life to only the distant hope of heaven, but tasting "His kingdom come" on earth in the context of community. It's walking together arm in arm and living life abundantly, being obedient, together. I hope that helps.
Jeff and I have recently begun attending a Bible study (that we're not leading, and that doesn't contain ANY, really!) with a few sets of parents of kids in our y.g. It has been extremely refreshing and very much a blessing- even though we've just gone our second time. It's almost like the first and only place where I feel I can show up, and not have to be responsible for being THE spiritual leader/mentor, but at the same time can have real accountability, and fellowship. As much as we talk about the importance of community in living out our faith, it's almost impossible for people in ministry to find that for themselves. Go figure! So, anyway, it's been great, and we're very thankful for it. that brings up an entirely different subject- Thanksgiving. Jeff and I are very eager to celebrate it this year. We need some time to set up a "monument" so to speak, to show the work that God has been doing in our lives. The interesting thing, is that no one decorates for this holiday any more. There are Chrstmas decorations and Christmas music filling every store... it's kinda sad, if you ask me. But, it's time to call it a night.
Thanks to all who are reading!


Phyllis said...

Thank you for explaining! I can't write more now. :-)

Phyllis said...

OK, I'm back. I had a very unhappy little boy in my lap before. That's what I get for trying to hold off his naptime. But the little one had to fuss herself to sleep before he could go down. . . where was I?

I can't really think of what I was going to say. Since you mentioned it, are you going to decorate for Thanksgiving? We've enjoyed celebrating the past two years. I don't know if we'll be able to this year, but I hope we will! Even if we don't, we will still count our blessings and be thankful (every day, I hope).