Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sundays and the world

So I'm having deep thoughts as I sit here waiting for Jeff to finish music practice. I'm not normally so pessimistic, but I'm seeing a dichotomy here. Every Sunday, without fail, unless some illness overtakes me, I come to church. We do the same things, say the same things, smile, shake hands, give the peace. And all of that is good, in and of themselves. But sometimes I just feel a little fake. Like I wonder what would happen if I told someone I was having a hard morning because I was burdened with the little girls in India who are being sold into prostitution against their will, or I was concerned with all the babies in Africa dying of hunger. It seems that only the light, shallow, pretty things can be addressed in the presence of the almighty institution of the church. But it seems absolutely contrary to how Jesus was. He was down in the trenches. He delt with the real issues. He wasn't concerned with how we said the Nicene Creed or how many mistakes the kids made when they were reading the Old Testament reading, or who was wearing jeans to church. I'm so glad that Jesus was so REAL. Someone we can relate to and feel comfortable with. Even though His holiness causes us to shield our eyes, something in his presence makes us feel loves, valued, understood. Somehow He pulled off the whole holiness thing without being a condemning, negative, jugemental meanie. He just was. And it was good.....

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