Monday, November 21, 2005


I'm at my parents house at the moment and have some uninterrupted blog time on my hands as I wait for Jeff to pick me up. We are"one-car-ing it" these days. A few months ago we turned in our leased car, and we decided to embark on an experiment to see if two cars was necessary- at least for now. Well, the verdict is that it's not necessary. Our work schedules are very similar, and when they are not, like today, I can hitch a ride to my parents house.
I'm still sick, but not as bad as this weekend. But, the weekend had some lovely moments regardless of my health. I am so thankful for the bits of sunshine God allows to brighten an otherwise cloudy day.
One of those moments was on Saturday when I made pumpkin pie play-doh for the kids at Ivey Lane. I can't remember if I've mentioned them before... They live in a governmental housing project in Orlando- a rough part of town otherwise known as "the Ghetto". One time when we were there a teenager came down the street waving a gun. (Don't' worry- Jeff spotted him a long ways off and moved everyone inside a building before he got too close.) There are tons of kiddos in this neighborhood that like to come out and play with us. They don't have many toys, and their only playground is riddled with broken glass from beer bottles, and last week we found a knife. It's not exactly the kind of place any 10mo- 7yr old should be playing in. Usually when we go down there, our group splits in half and one group picks up the glass, and the other rounds up the kids. Most times we use money from the Joy Box* to buy craft materials like paper, markers and finger paint to entertain them. Other times we just give them piggy back rides, help them learn to work the monkey bars, or just play hide and seek. This week we wanted to do something special for Thanksgiving, and we thought of play-doh. Making it is much cheaper than buying it, and I haven't seen a pumpkin pie scent out yet! =) After I made it, I placed them in baggies and prayed over each one. I know that sounds silly, but I just felt like I should. I hope it will bring them some hours of fun.
The other came when a parent of one of our kids in youth group offered us an armoire for our TV. The cabinet that it was setting on was bowing in the middle and the "wood" was swollen and in places the finish had been taken off (because of a moving error). What a tremendous blessing! As I look at my home, the only thing we've bought was a bookcase. That's some kind of love!
Also, this weekend I picked 7 beans from my little vines. I ate them for lunch today. They were delicious!!! The tomato plants are doing beautifully and have just begun to flower. Even the spinach is looking like it might survive after all!
So, all in all, I have much to be thankful for this weekend!
*The Joy Box is a box we keep at the back of the youth room. All spare change and money that they could have spent on something they wanted- but chose not to buy, goes in there. It's full every week. This box was created by a student after the Holy Spirit moved during one of Jeff's talks about living simply.

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